The Breast Education
for the Workplace

What is The Breast Education?

The Breast Education, which is a division of Night Out with “The Girls”, is a virtual wellness company specializing in providing everyone early breast cancer detection and breast health education.

The Breast Education is a program that was created so organizations/corporations, of any size and in any industry, can provide their employees with information about how to detect breast cancer early. At the end of the program, employees will have the tools and knowledge to know when, how and what action to take, to ensure the health of their breasts.

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The Breast Education is for everyone
Increase Mental Well-being with The Breast Education

Increase Mental Well-being

The Breast Education provides a perfect opportunity to add to an existing corporate wellness program, or to venture into the “wellness waters” in a way that is incredibly simple for leaders to implement. The program will also leave employees feeling valued, empowered and more connected to their colleagues… and the importance of overall breast health.

To make the greatest impact and to encourage participants to take real action, we have dedicated mental health modules in each segment of the program. These, “Connecting Mind and Body” modules are taught by a licensed counselor to emphasize the importance of acknowledging the mental health challenges that come with any physical diagnosis.

The Bottom Line: Why Early Breast Cancer Detection Matters


1 in 8 of women will be diagnosed in their lifetime**


1 in 1000 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime**

The #1 cancer claim in women is breast cancer


Cancer makes up 25% of all health insurance claims

**These statistics are based on biological sex OR whether the female or male sex was assigned at birth.

When breast cancer is detected early, employers will likely experience:

  • Lower health insurance costs, due to the affected employees needing less surgeries, treatments and time off for recovery.
  • Less need for extended medical leave, which can impact:
    – Employee productivity, meeting deadlines and
    organizational goals
    – Already established organizational/departmental workflows/processes/systems
    and need for other employees to “fill in” during leave.
The Benefits of Early Breast Cancer Detection

24/7 ACCESS = No Excuses

The Breast Education includes such critical, need-to-know information, which is why we intentionally designed it so there is no excuse for employees not to participate. We know that work (and life) happens, which is why our virtual wellness program is self-paced and accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week…for six months! There is no reason for information about early breast cancer detection to ever compete with work deadlines, projects, meetings and other professional (and personal) obligations.

Beyond Breast Education: Increasing Employee Interaction and Engagement

Although The Breast Education program is virtual and self-paced, employee interaction and engagement are key to learning and retaining the information on how to detect breast cancer early.

We have found that creating a comfortable space (even virtually), providing ample opportunities for connection and encouraging conversation are all critical to ultimately increasing participant interaction and engagement.

Therefore, along with teaching participants how to detect breast cancer early, we have intentionally incorporated comfort, connection and conversation in various aspects of the program, by providing:

Unique opportunities for colleagues to connect with, and encourage, each other to be breast health aware.
Tips on how to most effectively communicate with healthcare providers.
Conversation starters, about early breast cancer detection, to use with their friends, family members, partners, spouses and other loved ones.

Interactive Live Virtual Events

Another unique way that we encourage participant interaction and engagement is through our interactive live virtual event. This differentiates The Breast Education from the typical employee wellness program because it gives program participants the opportunity to ask the team of healthcare providers and breast cancer survivors questions about early detection and overall breast health.

Whether through the videos, activities, conversation starters and/or and the live virtual event, the educational, relational, mental, physical health benefits of The Breast Education often go far beyond learning about early breast cancer detection!

Interactive Live Virtual Events with The Breast Education

The Benefits of The Breast Education

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