The Breast Education
for the Workplace

Benefits for Employers

An easy to implement program that can be used on its own or added to an existing wellness initiative, either of which can help retain and/or recruit employees.
A simple way to demonstrate care and concern for the health and wellness of employees.
Unique opportunities for employees to interact and connect with each other, which can positively affect organizational culture, team relationships, cross-functional collaboration and employee morale…especially in virtual/remote workspaces.
Professionally-designed marketing materials and communication templates that can help promote The Breast Education program using already-established internal communication channels.
A better understanding of how early breast cancer detection can potentially impact the organization’s bottom line (insurance, time and money).
The tools to empower and educate employees on the action-oriented steps they need to take to detect breast cancer early and prevent a late stage breast cancer diagnosis.
Practical tips and best practices on how to encourage employee participation, interaction and engagement.
Ideas of how to creatively congratulate/recognize employees who complete The Breast Education, to reinforce positive, wellness-focused behaviors in the workplace.

Benefits for Employees

Access to The Breast Education 24 hours a day, seven days a week (for six months), which provides employees the flexibility to participate during days and times that work best for their professional and personal schedules.
The self-paced program consists of three segments, each of which include multiple videos that feature our expert NOWTG instructors. The instructors are made up of our team of healthcare professionals, breast cancer survivors and an emcee who will share potentially life-saving breast health education, early detection practices and inspiring stories of resilience and hope.
Opportunity to participate in a live virtual event where employees can ask questions and get answers about overall breast health from The Breast Education instructors.
Clear, easy to understand, actionable tools and information that help employees be more breast health aware, and ultimately, detect breast cancer early.
A truly interactive experience, which includes unique experiential opportunities, simple (yet, effective) activities, assessments, conversation starters and resources.
Encourages ongoing, consistent action and awareness when it comes to breast health.
Increases employee morale and feelings of “being valued” by leadership.

Pricing Options

The Breast Education Program pricing options for the workplace are easy and affordable for companies of all sizes. The pricing is based on the number of users (number of employees have access to the program).

We understand that there are a lot of wellness program options to choose from, which is why our pricing model allows you to bring the critical early breast cancer detection material to your workforce for just under $15/month per employee*.

To fit the needs of various-sized companies, we have different pricing options.

100 - 250 employees

$90 per user

50 - 99 employees

$100 per user

More than 250 employees

Ask about our bulk package options
*Example: 100 employees (users) = $9,000
$15/month per user. Access to the program lasts for 6 months.

Companies We’ve Served




BOA Technology


Storck Realty


Yum! Brands


Chanda Plan Foundation


U.S. Bank


South Metro Fire Rescue





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