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The Breast Education is an educational tool that empowers and leads the end-user to take action toward better breast (and overall) health.

This self-paced online learning is accessible by users 24/7 so it does not compete with work and/or personal obligations, deadlines, meetings, etc. It is our job to make learning about breast health awareness super easy, for both the organization and the end-user.

If you have breast tissue, we are into YOU!
End-users will become more breast health aware by receiving tools, knowledge, and information through thoughtfully curated videos and activities that encourage taking action.

The curriculum is a resource for organizations to fold into their existing wellness opportunities, offer as a specialty learning or employee benefits perk.

By creating an experience that focuses on comfort, connection, and conversation, The Breast Education provides value and potentially life-saving education.

Applications for The Breast Education

Employee Benefit

Provide The Breast Education subscriptions for employees as a wellness benefit.

Patient Education

Give patients The Breast Education as an educational tool and resource in addition to routine and/or specialty screenings and appointments.

Customer / Client Resource

Strategically use The Breast Education to provide a value-add to current clients, a marketing opportunity to potential clients, a unique differentiator / competitive edge within an industry.

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Learn more about each of these applications and discuss how The Breast Education can be utilized to help you reach your goals by reaching out to us.

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