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What is The Breast Education?

The Breast Education is a unique virtual wellness program that was created so anyone can learn the INs and OUTs of early breast cancer detection. This program takes a traditionally, “hard to tackle” topic and creates an experience that is all about comfort, connection and conversation…and fun! Yes, we believe that you can (and should) have fun while learning all about early detection!

Most importantly, we welcome EVERYONE to participate in The Breast Education. The thing is…if you have breast tissue, we are completely into YOU!

Also, it does not matter what your own “breast awareness” journey has been. That means, you should definitely subscribe to The Breast Education, if you…

Reasons Why You Should Join The Breast Education:

Have no idea how to do a breast self-exam
Think breast cancer can never happen to you (too young, no family history, etc.)
Want your friends, family, partners, spouses, loved ones to take care of their breasts
Have a TO DO list a mile long and can’t seem find time to fit in the “important stuff”
Have something that isn’t quite right with your own breasts (physically or even a “gut feeling”) and haven’t followed up with a healthcare provider
Are confused about what needs to happen (and when) to detect cancer early
Are passionate about breast cancer awareness, health and wellness
Tend to put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own
Have been putting off that mammogram appointment
The idea of breast cancer is scary, something you don’t want to think about
Check all of the “being breast health aware” boxes (mammograms, breast self-exams, etc)

What You’ll Get From This Program

By the end of the program, you will have the tools and the knowledge to know when, how and what action to take, when it comes to the health of your breasts. In fact, we find most of our participants are actually excited to take what they have learned and put it into practice!

Remember, detecting breast cancer early is critical to maintaining a healthy body AND a healthy mind. Both can positively (or negatively) contribute to overall degrees of stress and mental well-being…in every aspect of your life. Not to mention, you most-likely have a lot of people in your life (hello…spouses, partners, children, family members, friends, colleagues, clients) who really care for you!

Knowing that you are taking care of yourself (and your breasts), your participation in The Breast Education program would probably make them pretty darn happy (wink, wink).

What You’ll Get From The Breast Education

24/7 ACCESS = No Excuses


1 in 8 of women will be diagnosed in their lifetime**


1 in 1000 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime**

**These statistics are based on biological sex OR whether the female or male sex was assigned at birth.

It’s a Big Darn Deal

These statistics are a big darn deal and reinforce why early breast cancer detection matters, especially when you think about them in terms of your family, social circles, colleagues, etc.

The information included in The Breast Education includes such critical, need-to-know information, we never want it to compete with work, family and other random things that surface.

With that said, we know that LIFE HAPPENS (we completely get it)!!

Why It's a Big Darn Deal
24/7 Access= No Excuses

Anytime, Anywhere

In fact, you are probably “crazy busy”, have a TO DO list a mile long and feel like you are already pulled in a million directions. All of these reasons are why this virtual wellness program is self-paced and accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week…for six months!

In other words, you participate whenever it makes the most sense for YOU!

Yes, you can learn about early breast cancer detection snuggled on the couch, while enjoying the sun on a patio, while on the treadmill or at your home office. Remember, an important part of The Breast Education is comfort. The MOST important part is making it work for YOU!

Going Beyond Breast Education: Increasing Interaction and Engagement

Although The Breast Education program is virtual and self-paced, interaction and engagement are key to learning and retaining the information on how to detect breast cancer early.

We have found that, creating a comfortable space (even virtually), providing ample opportunities for connection and encouraging conversation are all critical to ultimately increasing your engagement (and excitement) about the program.

Therefore, along with teaching how to detect breast cancer early, we have intentionally incorporated comfort, connection and conversation in various aspects of The Breast Education, by providing:

Unique opportunities to connect with, and encourage, loved ones in your life be breast health aware.
Tips on how to most effectively communicate with healthcare providers.
Conversation starters, about early breast cancer detection, to use with their friends, family members, partners, spouses and other loved ones.

Get Started!

Whether through the videos, activities and/or conversation starters… the educational, relational, mental, physical health benefits of The Breast Education often go far beyond learning about early breast cancer detection!

The Benefits of Early Breast Cancer Detection

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