The Breast Education
for the Individual

Benefits of Subscribing

The tools that will empower and educate on the action-oriented steps needed to detect breast cancer early and prevent a late-stage breast cancer diagnosis.
Access to three segments, each of which include multiple videos that feature our expert The Breast Education instructors, who are made up of our team of healthcare professionals, breast cancer survivors and an emcee.
Access to breast cancer survivor stories that dig into feelings, experiences, fears, situations related to breast health.
The complete Boobie Buddy Diaries series of interview style conversation about emotional, physical and mental well-being.
Information that encourages ongoing, consistent action and awareness when it comes to breast health.
Access to The Breast Education 24/7, which allows for flexibility to participate during days and times that work best for various schedules.
Life-saving breast health education, early detection best practices and inspiring stories of resilience and hope.
A video library of “Jessica’s Journey” that highlights real talk from our Founder and CEO.
A truly interactive experience, which includes unique experiential opportunities, simple (yet, effective) activities, assessments, conversation starters and resources.
Email reminders to take action, to breast self-exams, etc.

Next Steps: It is All About YOU!

Make the decision to take action now, meaning:

Commit to yourself (and others), that learning about early breast cancer detection is a MUST, not a MAYBE.
Do not wait until things “slow down,” life gets less busy and/or when you get through that annoying TO DO list.
Do something for yourself… your breasts, and overall well-being (hello, mental and emotional). You deserve it!

How it Works

(Good news…it is SUPER EASY)

Once you subscribe, you will get your own unique username and password.
Simply login to the secure, breast-focused portal and you are good to go!
Enjoy learning all about early breast cancer detection in way that that WORKS for you.

What You Get + What it Costs

5+ hours of video content that is fun, thought-providing, action-focused and educational.
Opportunity to learn from amazing, smart, inspiring people, who are healthcare providers and breast cancer survivors (we call them “instructors”, but that does not do them justice at all)!
Downloadable activities, quizzes, and conversation starters.
Access to The Breast Education 24 hours a day for six months! You have plenty of time to fit this in whenever it works for you! Again, it is all about YOU!!
Exclusive videos from the Founder and CEO, Jessica. She is real and is going to get into the nitty gritty of all things breast-related, being a survivor, the breast cancer journey, screenings, waiting for the results, fears, confusion, achievements, putting off appointments… and everything in between.

All this for a one-time fee of $120 (access to the program for twelve months)!

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