How it Works

What to Expect

Affordable pricing options to accommodate the chosen application.
Tracking and feedback: We will deliver reports throughout the twelve months of how many users have signed up, the average amount of time spent on the learning and any feedback we have received throughout the time subscribed.
Unique signup code to keep track of how many users have subscribed.
Easy onboarding with an online agreement document signing and “pay your way” invoicing options. We can accommodate sending the invoice via pdf format with a pay online option or receiving a check or ACH.
Flexible learning start date.
Marketing and communication kit: We will provide you with visual aids, pdfs and email templates to help you easily communicate The Breast Education and encourage engagement.

What end-users receive

Access to The Breast Education for 12 months (if using subscription model) OR access to the digital assets of The Breast Education through organizations’ systems.
Opportunity to learn from a diverse group of healthcare providers and breast cancer survivors.
Specific education on the impact that a medical challenge can have on mental health with ways to improve one’s mental well-being.
Over 50 videos of instruction, education and real-life stories about how to detect breast cancer early, what happens if you detect something and understanding your own normal.
Downloadable worksheets and activities that encourage conversation and taking actions towards better breast (and overall) health.
Ability to engage with the instructors in live virtual events (if opted in by organization)

Pricing Models

Subscription Model

The Subscription Model is the best option for employers, private medical practices and independent agencies.

Tier 1:
$40 per subscription

Up to 100 subscriptions

Tier 2:
$38 per subscription

100 -250 subscriptions

Tier 3:
$35 per subscription

250+ subscriptions

Please Inquire for Specialty Pricing

More than 500 subscriptions
Non-profit discount

IN-PERSON Event Options

For inquiries contact: Katie Schroeder (

White-Label Digital Assets

White-Labeling The Breast Education is the best option for organizations that already offers end-users access to an existing portal for resources and education.

Receive all digital assets of The Breast Education curriculum.

12-month lease agreement for asset and content utilization

Starting at $2,500/month

Special exclusivity options available

For inquiries contact: Katie Schroeder (

Virtual and In-Person LIVE Events

Stand-alone events are a good option for employee wellness events, customer/employee appreciation or October Breast Cancer Awareness month.

One-time live VIRTUAL event

up to 50 attendees

One-time live IN-PERSON event**

up to 50 attendees

***This rate is for in-person events in Colorado. Depending on location, additional travel fees may be applied.

For information about in-person events OUTSIDE of Colorado, please contact Katie Schroeder (

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