Breast Health Education

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Welcome to The Breast Education!

We are excited that you are here because that means you are taking the first step toward early breast cancer detection. The Breast Education is a division of Night Out with “The Girls”, an educational wellness company specializing in early breast cancer detection and overall breast health.

Our mission is to bring early breast cancer detection education to every single person in the United States (to start) and with an education tool like The Breast Education, we can make that mission a reality. Through various applications, people can access The Breast Education through their workplace, through their doctors office, insurance broker or by signing up on their own.

We partner with insurance brokers, healthcare organizations, small business to Fortune 500 companies and everything in between to bring access to this educational tool to employees, patients and customers.

Welcome to The Breast Education!

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The Breast Education is for everyone

If you have breast tissue, we are into YOU!

Yes, that is one of the foundational aspects of Night Out with “The Girls” and The Breast Education program. In fact, the primary purpose in everything we do is to educate EVERYONE about how to detect breast cancer early. Most importantly, when people engage with The Breast Education, we want them to have the tools, knowledge and information needed to know how and when to take action.

If you have breast tissue, we are into YOU!

Anyone can get diagnosed with breast cancer

That is the really tough (and sad) reality. Although we cannot change that fact, we are excited to do our part to ensure that everyone who has the interest, knows how detecting breast cancer early can be a potential “game-changer” in your physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

Although breast cancer has the potential to impact everyone, the reality is that various people have predispositions to getting a breast cancer diagnosis (e.g. Jewish/African American). In addition, we also know that some cultures, communities, groups and families approach breast health differently. This is one of the many reasons we have a diverse team of instructors.

No matter where you are on your own breast health journey, we welcome YOU!

No matter where you are on your own breast health journey, we welcome YOU!

In addition, we know that everyone has their own personal, unique experiences when it comes to their own breast health journeys and/or with breast cancer. We recognize and honor each of you and have intentionally created content, resources, videos, activities, tips and conversation starters to serve our participants, no matter their experiences with breast health.

Accessibility is Key

Since The Breast Education is an online tool, we are continually evaluating current digital accessibility and working toward always improving it as new information, resources and technology surfaces.

In addition, stay tuned…as we will be releasing a Spanish version of The Breast Education.

Giving Back

Lastly, YES…we want to educate everyone about how to detect breast cancer early. And, we know not everyone can afford The Breast Education for Individuals subscriptions. Therefore, we are committed to offering free subscriptions to individuals and groups of people, as a way to serve and give back. In addition, we have created a way for people to gift The Breast Education to others in their lives who need, and could benefit, from this potentially life-saving program.

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